Operating Systems

Windows Server is a specially crafted Operating System developed by Microsoft to run their server tasks. Windows Server can be used to leverage the following technology:

  • Authentication - Microsoft Active Directory provides a central login allowing simple management of users accounts
  • Storage - Microsoft SMB allows for a central storage location for company documents. Complex file permissions can be implemented to ensure that only approved users have access to documents
  • Email - Microsoft Exchange not only provides email but a complete groupware solution. At a minimum it provides email, shared calendars and webmail.
  • Database - Microsoft SQL provides a comprehensive Transact SQL Server to utilisation by business applications
  • Remote Access - Microsoft Remote Access Server allows for easy implementation of a Remote Access VPN by allowing users remote access to your network.
  • Firewall - Microsoft Internet Acceleration Server (IAS) provides a firewall designed to protect your network from external threats
  • Thin Clients - Microsoft Terminal Services allows for the use of Thin Clients by having one or more central servers which provide a user a Desktop and the required applications.

Server Systems

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